What is this "Mud Run" thing all about?

The Mid-South Mud Run is an annual event hosted by US Navy sailors, for everyone (military and civilian) to get together in the spring, get outdoors, and have some fun for a good cause. The mud run is approximately 5k, spread out across rolling horse pasture, lakefront trails, and obstacles of varying degrees of difficulty. The object isn't really about getting the fastest time...it's about the military and local community getting together and having some fun...in the MUD!

Who can participate in the MUD RUN? What's the age limit? (submitted by Miss Ursula P.)

The mud run is open to ALL! Both general public and military, ages 13 and up.

Can my kid run with me? (Posted by Kirk)

Children ages 13-15 may participate in the team category but must run with an adult (18 years old and above).

Is the MUD RUN a race? Do I have to run?

The MUD RUN is kinda, sorta, a race. There will be some serious folks out there, like Miss Debra Howze the MWR director! (Just kidding Deb) Actually, this event is more about having fun for a good cause than about racing. Yes, there are awards, but you can run, walk, tie yourself to a teammate...the goal is to challenge yourself with the 13 obstacles set up, and there isn't really a time limit. The band will be playing, there will be lots of people out having a good time, and it's all for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society fund drive!

I'm a regular 5k runner. I really want to try this event but would like some details on what to expect, how/where to practice, and what to wear? (submitted by Sonya N.)

Our friends at BuildPeakCompete Coaching have been so kind as to develop a customized, 3-week MUD RUN training plan! Check it out: click here! for a broad range of skill levels to prepare for the MUD RUN! As far as what to expect..1st off, wear clothes, shoes, and protective gear that you don't mind either throwing away or getting extremely muddy. UPDATE: Want to keep your shoes? Better duct tape them! 2nd, expect some tire jumping, a few water crossings, climbing over/around telephone poles, climbing haystacks, MUD MUD MUD, and a huuuge slip-n-slide! Further, please note..our main priority is for everyone to have fun and be safe. We will have safety monitors at every obstacle, and if you, or one of your teammates is not comfortable on one of the obstacles, our staff will assist!

What do the Open or “Boots and Utilities” (B&U) categories mean?

This unique race consists of the Open or Boots and Utilities option. For no restrictions on attire and footwear, choose the Open category. The Boots and Utilities category requires regulation military boots and utility, camouflage pants, or military coveralls.

What are the health benefits to participating in the Mud Run?

Aside from the benefit of getting outdoors for some fun, laughs and a run/jog/walk, the health benefit from mud baths date back to ancient times. Mother Nature has provided all the finest ingredients to clear the pores and rid the skin of bacteria. The Romans steeped in mud baths while socializing. Cleopatra is even cited as using mud. Aahhh, the relaxation of immersing yourself in the silt and minerals of Tennessee mud!

How do the teams work? Do each of the team members complete the race together, or is it a relay? What happens if a team member cannot complete an obstacle? (submitted by Shelly M. and Kim M. - no relation :) )

Teams consist of up to four people (can be any mix of m/f or all m or f). Teams start and finish the MUD RUN together. There will be safety observers at each obstacle, and if one of the team members cannot finish (or are not comfortable with) the obstacle, they can be escorted around it. We are here to have fun, not let people get hurt!

When/where is t-shirt pick-up & Check-in?

Check-in is Saturday and t-shirt/goodie bag pickup is on Friday 2:00 pm to 6:00pm. If you absolutely cannot make Friday’s primary pickup- make sure you get to the race early! The customer service area (the lakehouse) will open for check-in at 7:00am. Race t-shirts must be picked up prior to the start and you must have your waiver and race number to get your t-shirt - no exceptions.

Can you guys hang on to my stuff while I run?

Unfortunately, we can not be responsible for your personal belongings at the race. We strongly encourage you to leave valuables at home, or in your locked vehicle. Items such as wedding rings, watches, jewelry, cell phones...probably not compatible with MUD. We will have a key dropoff area at customer service.

Will there be Post-Race Festivities?

Music, plenty of food, and drinks will be available at the festival. Open showers and closed changing tents to get clean will be available around the Navy Lake Recreation grounds.

In the event of an emergency or extreme weather, what's the plan?

Trust us, VERY little will get in the way of us running in the MUD! However, if there is an emergency, or extreme weather that is out of our control our postpone date is TBD, a broadcast email will be used to pass the info and this website will be updated.

Team Instructions

Team captains are responsible for the following: making sure all team members sign a waiver to be eligible to race and receive a race number, handing out the race numbers for your team on race-day, finding your team members on race morning, and making any substitutions necessary for the team. Please make sure you want to be a team captain before you register! If you are substituting a team member, please contact us for a substitution form via email.

Team Captains

Upon completion of your registration, you must have each team member agree to the waiver that will be emailed to you prior to the race. Have your team members do this ASAP! Waivers must be completed and turned in during race day check-in for your team receive race numbers. If one of your team members does not sign the waiver they will not be eligible to race.

Do you have any pictures of your event from years past? (Posted by Ms. Penny)

On Facebook, Mid-South Mud Run. Last year's photos are posted there. Some photos year before that can be found HERE!

We are from out of town. Can you give me an exact address so we can GPS? (Submitted by Theresa)

Navy Lake is located at 6231 Kerrville Rosemark Rd Millington TN 38053. GPS Coordinates: 35.366966, -89.853435

Can we still changes/substitutions names? (Submitted Charly)

Due to our new timing system; we will be able to accommodate change and substitute runner names requests on May 1. Send request via email to jason.resendez@navy.mil.

Does it have to be 4 people on a team? My son is 14yr and we were going to do it together. (Submitted by Shannon)

You can register individually and run together. Team category consists of 4 people. Individual $50 / Team $120

Can I pick up shirts/registration packets for my team? (Submitted by Stacie)

Yes as long as you have their completed/signed waiver forms and picture ID.

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